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Originally Posted by Cherio View Post
perhaps its a timer alert at developers end too to check game and addon :P
No. It's just a bit of code left over from when Carbonite was a subscription (read: paid for) based addon. It was updated much more frequently then, but the code has remained in use. It is safe to modify it so that the "nag" message goes away, and it is very easy to do.

Neither of the original developers of Carbonite play WoW very often anymore, but I understand that at least one of the developers children does (or at least did). They both lead very active lives, and with families and full time jobs there isn't very much time left over to either play WoW or work on Carbonite. Hopefully they'll be able to find the time to update it for MoP when the time comes.
Ahhhh, the vagueries of the aging mind. Wait.... What was I saying?

Carbonite <----- GitHub main module (Maps ONLY) download link. The other modules are also available on GitHub.
Carbonite-CLASSIC<----- GitHub link to Carbonite Classic. Thanks to ircdirk for this!

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