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Thank you rythal , twisted fate and any who continue to work with this

Just wanna give twistedfate a shoutout and mirror the canadian offer , if life takes u to mid east coast u.s i'll buy you a beer as well my friend

But seriously, i donated quite alot to the original authors and plan on donating to rythal and any others putting man hours into tweaking or recoding. Because for the uninitiated btw... that does take lots and lots of man hours. It's work like payable work... anyhow, thank you again for your volunteered time, I'm sure I won't be alone in donating, to express gratitude, I ... i know it sounds weird, but probably have more concern of this addon going forward then wow going forward..., Im off and on again with wow, but I simply will not play the game w/o carbonite lol... i got the expansion to check it out, but I'm sitting patiently until carbonite works, until then no wow

Anyways if theres anything beyond monetary we can do to help let the appreciative fans of carbonite know, I don't have alot of free time, which is why i just throw money at ppl in lieu of my support, but you know , someone else has got to be talented at programming or trouble shooting or something...

Apparently my old account I registered way back when is gone, or floating around in the nether , but it had the same user name any old timers might remember

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