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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
yeah, to save on bandwidth I only released it as an update to an already installed version. So you must already have the old 4.3 carbonite then update the 2 files with my changes.
Yep. You're right. I figured it out before you even posted. I did not have the original Carbonite addon installed since it was totally broken.

I reinstalled its latest version, then I overwrote your two files over theirs. I see the maps now!

However, I did notice that the "transparency" feature doesn't work. Maybe that has been mentioned already. Even as it is, it's better than it was this morning! I can now play the game again.

YOU DID A GREAT JOB SO FAR. I will try to keep up on your progress. I certainly hope you don't give up like they did. I'll be happy to support you, and even them.... if they'd actually do something.