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Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post
Yep. You're right. I figured it out before you even posted. I did not have the original Carbonite addon installed since it was totally broken.

I reinstalled its latest version, then I overwrote your two files over theirs. I see the maps now!

However, I did notice that the "transparency" feature doesn't work. Maybe that has been mentioned already. Even as it is, it's better than it was this morning! I can now play the game again.

YOU DID A GREAT JOB SO FAR. I will try to keep up on your progress. I certainly hope you don't give up like they did. I'll be happy to support you, and even them.... if they'd actually do something.
Yeah transparency was something I touched upon during the initial discussions about the work I was doing, some parts of it will work and you can adjust, other's I had to make solid because Blizzard changed how minimap transparencies work, and if you tried to make it even the slightest transparent (the minimap circle in the middle of the map is the first I can think of) it would just go entirely black.