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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
New version is up!

To appease both parties, those wanting carbonites quest POI and those wanting blizzards POI it now does BOTH!

In the carbonite options, under quest, you can use the check box "Use Carbonite Quest POI's" to switch between the two at any time.
Rythal, please... when you mention or offer versions (as you have above), can you help us by naming them meaningfully so that the filename indicates the version and/or date of the version? It really helps. Naming "conventions" are important, so that we can compare our current downloaded version to any newer downloaded version we might have stored on our systems. Just a request. Adding a link to it in your post would also be helpful.

So many vendors send out versions and name them "install.exe", etc. When I see a file named like that in my Windows Explorer's list of files, I have no idea what it is. I see vendors doing that all the time.