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Mac-Specific Tracking Add-On

So, I was chit-chatting with a buddy of mine, and he was proudly boasting that he had a Mac-specific add-on (not available for PC users) that allowed him to track members of the opposite faction on his minimap as if they were gathering nodes, quest objectives, et cetera, and he said it was accurate to about 15 yards.

I'd have immediately passed it off as mindless bragging and compulsive lying except that I know the guy, and he never flexes muscles he doesn't have. I have known him to over-exaggerate things, however, and in light of that, I have boiled down what he said to the following truth:

1) He has a Mac-specific add-on.
2) It modifies tracking options.
3) It can somehow be exploited to track members of the opposite faction, though the accuracy could be debatable.

I don't know if it's something he's running in the game like an actual add-on or if it's something that runs externally (like the map hacks for Diablo II).

He refused to tell me what it was called, so I thought I'd ask here: has anyone heard of any Mac-specific tracking mods that can be used to track members of the opposite faction, and if so, what are they called?


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