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Exclamation Custom Interface Scaling

I'm not sure if my thread topic was the best, I couldn't figure out a way to give a general idea of what I am needing information on without using the "HELPERZ ME?!?!??!!!!!!1" idea. (Yes, I read through the forums).

My situation: I have a disability, yes... I consider it a disability, which would be that I play at a 1440x900 resolution. It's the maximum, best quality WS that my monitor will allow.

Situation at hand: I'm not a addon author, I know how to generally move some stuff around, but my capabilities are limited. Most custom UI's are built in very high resolutions.

I'm wondering, since I play at a 1440x900 resolution (Aspect ration 1.6) if there is a way to scale some of the custom interfaces to fit my resolution?

Or, if there is an addon or something to assist with this? (Would be very helpful to probably most if there was.)

I'd also like to make a suggestion, which would probably go into another thread, well 2 of them that is.
1.) To define the resolution(s) within the UI pages, such as where you see the amount of downloads, date updated, and so forth.
2.) To have the ability to click "Compliations and Suites" and see the subcategories listed, as they are now. With the list of each and every Compilation and Suite under neath in the fashion they are listed when clicking on a subcategory.

I don't mean the 2 suggestions in any way as a negative toward WoWI. I just feel for people like me, which there is probably quite a few out there, that something like this will be very disability-friendly.

Anyway... Back to my original post, anyone have any information as far as how to scale custom UI's within the same aspect ratio, to fit a lower or high resolution? Or any addon or other information which would help.

PS: Before I get the "Search the forums" reply. I'd like to state that I have used search, with multiple different keywords and tried searching thru the forums as much as I could manually; and came out with nothing.

Thank you in advance!
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