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Originally Posted by artane View Post
I m so glad to hear that carbonite is not gone! Ever since i got that addon it has been the best thing i've ever used! I had tried questhelper and quickly got rid of that ugh. I simply couldnt live with out my carbonite in wow. I anxiously await the new download.

All the very best,

Artane (a happy destruction warlock )
Not to burst your bubble here, but do you have an inside source that nobody else knows about?

oh, and destro locks are NEVER happy, so who are you really?

~ no need to make the message completely obnoxious - Cairenn
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A BIG sigh of Relief

I have donated to Carbonite.. haven't been without it for at least 18 months. I can honestly say that.. WoW is fuggly without it. I thank ALL the developers for their efforts and I will be waiting patiently for the update.. truth be told, I check for the update and if it's not there.. I don't play wow. I've downgraded myself from wanna be raider etc to casual, very casual. Burnout and boredom.

Thank you Devs.. Carbonite is too good and Blizzard is too idiotic to realise how much better it is than what they "attempt" to put out.
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WOW is not very much fun without Carbonite Addon support. I am a cheapskate like many others out there, but I think these guys that put this addon together are on point. I know without a doubt that the Blizz crew is impressed with carbonite, just like the rest of us. Any job offers? No? Well, I'm putting in my donation to support Carbonite today. Thanks for your best efforts and keep up the good work
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been using "C" for a long time....

I've been a Carbonite user and supporter for going on 3 years, and this is hands-down, THE most awesome add-on of it's type out there.
I am a Beta-Tester for "GearScore" and between the two of them, they cover most of my questing and raiding needs.
I am Co-Guildmaster, along with my wife, of "Final Resistance" on Cairne Realm, and all of our recruits are told about Carbonite when they join, especially if they are still leveling.
I have donated every time I have downloaded it, and was around when it was subscriber only, and have never had an issue with it. My Warlock Cap is off to you guys, you are the best at what you do! I do realize that what we are playing on now is a Cata patch, and you might be waiting until Cata's release to fire this up again, which is ok by me...
Whatever I run in the meantime, will instantly get replaced by Carbonite as soon as I see it go up for download. I'd be willing to help with data collection or anything else you need from in-game...

Regards, Zanier
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Originally Posted by voodoodad View Post
Not to burst your bubble here, but do you have an inside source that nobody else knows about?
Confirmed - Carbonite 4 is coming.

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