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Minimap behavour change in 4.013?

I could swear that before the the 4.013 release the minimap behaved differently:

By default, the minimap was a few % less transparent than the rest of the map.

The Cntl or Alt key (I can't remember which now) made the minimap opaque, but drew it UNDER the Carb icons
Ctl-Alt made the minimap opaque and drew it ABOVE the Carb icons


The Alt key alone appears to do,
The Cntl key alone draws the minimap ABOVE the Carb icons
Ctl-Alt appears to make the minimap "darker" (not sure exactly how to explain, but the map takes on a slightly darker tint than with Cntl alone)

I don't remember making any option changes when I put 4.013 on.

Is there any way to get the opaque minimap to draw below the Carb icons now?

Thanks in advance...

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