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Stuttering issue on one of my toons

Since Cata I have encountered a "stuttering" issue on one of my two hunters who are identical with respect to add-ons whenever I am running Carbonite. This stuttering occurs whenever I change directions, mount, dismount, etc. By "stuttering" I mean that there is a delay, similar to a lag spike, before action recommences. On the toon that this situation arises, if I disable Carbonite the stuttering stops. Interestingly, this doesn't seem to happen on my other hunter.

I have been using the latest beta's and have tried the current release version. I discard the four separate files in my add-ons folder whenever updating with new ones; i.e. I don't overwrite the files.

I suspect that something has become corrupted in one of the other Carbonite files for my stuttering hunter [heh heh, some folks might think this is normal for huntards]. I notice that there are saved variables in my Account folder for each of the individual characters ...

My question is, should these be discarded for my stuttering toon? I hate to do this as I have spent a lot of time setting up Carbonite and don't want to lose all this work if these files contain said info and deleting them likely won't solve the stuttering issue.

I would appreciate whatever advice you folks might offer at your convenience.

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The character specific Carbonite files have very little data in them. Mostly just the flight masters known. Most Carbonite data is in WTF\Account\<name>\SavedVariables\Carbonite.lua.

I would delete the Cache folder, rename WTF to WTFold and test. If it is OK, then it is probably a game or addon settings issue. Rename WTFold back to WTF and disable all addons except Carbonite and test.

You can also login on the problem hunter, open the Warehouse and right on another character and import its settings. That might help.
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I'm having a similar problem. While searching the forum for topics on Carbonite's many Warehouse bugs, I saw this post.

Lately (since either Blizzard's last patch?, or Carbonite's last "200" update?) , I've been having a problem with only 1 of my Hunter chars. The char is a Human (female) Hunter (Alliance). And, it happens only in Northrend. I've been doing quests in and around the Valiance Keep area, and nearby areas of the Borean Tundra.

My interface "stutters" (continuously in about 1-second intervals), whether walking or flying. It's almost like there are two (duplicate) processes running at the same time, or else one process repeating itself in a loop?

I have several Hunter-type chars, and the problem happens with only one of them. I haven't yet tried the "fix" suggested above, but I will as soon as I get back into the game. I just wanted to report it here first (since I was already here).

EDITED by Kreelor:

Played the game today with several Hunter chars AFTER setting up Carbonite to use the same config (one that works) on all my chars. It did not fix the problem. It still stutters. Now, I'm guessing it must be Blizzard, or those areas of Borean Tundra are are 'clogged' with data to process? Maybe it's my old system. But, it's strange that chars which aren't Hunter-types don't encounter that 'stuttering' issue. Anyway, I can live with it.

Last edited by Kreelor : 07-14-11 at 08:27 PM. Reason: Wanted to report my results
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I am having same problem as listed above, after a full clear of all mods, renaming the WTF folder and deleting the Cache, I am still getting a every second stutter on only one of my characters.

I have tried in multiple places in the world and the results are all the same. this is the only mod I have installed and have tried the warehouse import from a character that isn't seeing this problem. I have also gone the opposite direction to see if I could mess up a character by importing the warehouse to the character that isn't seeing the problem and it doesn't cause the stuttering affect at all. Any help would be great as I love this mod and by no means want to come off as complaining. Just want a push in the right direction on how to fix this. Being a healer make this kinda bad on raid fights.
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Ok I found the problem if anyone is wanting to look into it further.

It deals with Achievement tracking as far as i can tell. when tracking Well Read Achievement it lags that every second lag, I assume this has to do with the mass amount of listing in the achievement. I turned it off for tracking and turned on a few smaller ones and the stutter doesn't return. So I am not sure if it is the single achieve or just the large amount of listing in it.

Try removing all achievement tracking from those characters that are stuttering and it should relieve the issue.

Please let me know if this helped someone as I spent like 5 hours working on it and want to help at least one soul out there.

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