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Did you know

I was doing the (Wolf Piranna) quest with the anglers and the quest tracker took me to land in stead of water to fish up the piranna. Just wanted to let you know.

And was wandering have you heard from TomToms author so archy will work with TomTom?
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Unfortunately no, I have not heard back on it.. tho it should still be working, I know in the last alpha I had broken it... but the current one should be working fine to emulate TomTom.

Unfortunately if I don't receive permission to be doing the emulation, it is something that will be removed soon before Carbonite2 goes live.

Carbonite while used by a good many people, also had a bad reputation... and i'm trying to fix that. Opening up ways to work with aspects of it, obtaining permission to do things where it stepped on toes, or removing those things that don't is all part of that. Carbonite is now a public release that anyone can modify, but why would any other developer want to modify or support something that did not respect other authors work/choices.

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