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Summoning raid frames has nil units

I'm using oUF to build raid frames and following some work that Rainrider has done: https://github.com/Rainrider/oUF_Lay....lua#L110-L132

However, when doing this, I sometimes get this error:

7x AelUI\unitframes\elements\init.lua:9: Wrong object type for function
The line which it complains about is

But there's also other weird things going on, like even if I comment out that line, it only shows a single unit (the other one seems to be there, but not styled).

I wonder if this is somehow related to https://www.wowinterface.com/forums/...ad.php?t=56943 ?

That said, I am using version 9.3.1 of oUF, so I'm not so sure this would be the case.

Any help would be appreciated! Also happy to post more details if needed.


For the record, this is the code I'm using to spawn the groups:

local raidFrame = CreateFrame('Frame', nil, UIParent)
raidFrame:SetPoint('BOTTOMLEFT', UIParent, 'BOTTOMLEFT', 620, 10)
raidFrame:SetSize(1, 1)

-- local raid = {}
for i = 1, NUM_RAID_GROUPS do
	print('SPAWN GROUP', i)
	local group = self:SpawnHeader(
		'aelUI_raid', nil, 'raid',
		'showRaid', true,
		-- 'showPlayer', true,
		'maxColumn', 1,
		'unitsPerColumn', 5,
		'columnAnchorPoint', 'LEFT',
		'yOffset', -6,
		'groupFilter', i,
		'oUF-initialConfigFunction', [[

	group:SetPoint('BOTTOMLEFT', (90 * (i - 1)), 0)

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