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A mob targeting mod?

I play a Warlock & use a lot of dots.

Targeting various mobs via tabbing will most times result in retargeting the same mob twice or more & clicking on nameplates that jump around is not a viable method either.

What Iím looking for is a mod, similar to healbot, grid or a nameplate type mod, that shows enemy mobs that are in combat with me/group/party/raid and within my range, for ease of targeting.

Each should be clickable for targeting & based upon mob health & range, so bosses show on top and lesser mobs lower, closer mobs higher etc.

They should also remain in their original placement positions to make targeting new mobs quicker and refresh when all mobs are dead or out of range.

Is something like this possible?

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This is as close as you will get: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...icTargets.html
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To actually set up "Clickable" target bars of group members, this will do exactly that, however, you will also have the group member listed as well.

I know of no addon that will provide clickable enemy target bars in the order you specified however.

This addon works with the Blizzard Raid UI I believe, as that is the only way you can get clickable bars while in combat.


Play around with the options, its a really nifty addon that is extremely powerful.

Lots of documentation on it here: Forums

The feature you are looking for is called "Main Assist" I believe.

Have fun.

PS: The addon Seerah provided is a NON CLICKABLE set of enemy bars.

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there is no way to create a list of all "enemies" in combat with your group - as there is no way to use SecureActionButtons with Enemy names (npc atleast i know) & creating/changing them in-combat

meaning i.e.
SetAttribute("unit","The Lich King")
should not work

only way is Target-of-target but you would need all players for this ... -> lots of unneeded bars

(dunno if all right - but that's how far i expierenced it with LUA/API)

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