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Mage/Priest UI/add on

Does anyone recomend a Specific UI/addon For mages or Priests? Also, I've seen a polymorph bar that indicates when the target will unsheep or unfear. Could anyone please tell me the name and where I can get it? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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11-15-05, 08:38 AM   #2
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Not sure about an all in one mod pack, but the one you described is "SheepWatch". There are also other variants like "FrostWatch". I havent seen one but there's most likely a "FearWatch" too.

Hope this helps.

Edit: oh GF just told me there is one for Shackle too. You can do a key word search on
and you should be able to find it without a problem. It may even be on this site somewhere. But I'm new here and I am unsure if it is or not.

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if your going to be raiding or ust doing lots of instance runs id recomend using decursive. you could also try Recovery Bar i find it very usefull.
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