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A Murloc Raider
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Question Player rating system?

is there anyway to make a player rating system? eg. you finish a heroic or a
raid and u can rate the tanks/healers/dps on how well u think they did.. kind
of like a 1-5 star selection that could be shown on a tooltip or something..

then have it be able to send what u rated people to other players to get
like a total score or something ?

just an idea i had =D
- Ao
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A Rage Talon Dragon Guard
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A Murloc Raider
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thats not what i'm talking about, stuff like gear score and that addon dont
really tell you anything about how good someone is, i've gone into pug raids
where for example the tank has a high gs but is really bad at AE tanking or
has really low threat for his gear ect. same can be said for dps and heals

I'm looking for a player rating system where you the player, after finishing
a heroic or raid can rate the players based on how well u thought they did
cause tbh there is more to a player than just gear
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Actually... That addon does let you rate a player based on your grouping with them, and it lets you set a note about that person, too.

Player notes
Finished a dungeon, was your tank amazing? Notes will allow you to rate him 1 - 5 and leave a comment for future reference, these can even be synced between your friends or guild. You can leave one note per person, with your most recent note being used. Use /eg rate to open this.
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A Murloc Raider
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what about what other people rated that player, like a combined score?
i didnt see that in there... maybe i didnt read it well enough =/

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I want an AddOn like this, as well, but for Real Life. That way, I'd know who not to talk to before I even met them.
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LOL torhal...

arnt we just so picky!!

we meaning you and me *grin*
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