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Info Request: Cata Dungeons

Hello everyone,
I've recently started working on a UI mod to make running dungeons with pugs easier in Cataclysm now that we are using crowd control again. You can find more information about the addon here:

I have a request for those currently in the Cataclysm beta running the new dungeons. I have back-end support for dungeon specific CC priority lists, I just need some assistance filling them out. Basically the idea is that the various CC methods available to players are worth more in certain dungeons (shackle undead is much better than polymorph in the context of Azjol Nerub for example).

So, here's what I need from beta players to make sure the addon is ready to go for day one cata dungeons.

1) Zone text for each of the new instances. You can get this by typing
/script print(GetRealZoneText())
into your chat box and hitting enter

If it isn't convenient to get this at the moment, but you've run some Cata dungeons and have some thoughts on what crowd control is helpful, then please still feel free to share:

2) Either the type of mobs commonly found in the instance, or preferably what you think a good CC priority list would be (i.e., a lot of elementals - bind elemental should be high, with banish and freezing trap)

Thanks in advance for any help on this! I'll add these custom priorities to the mod as they come in to me.

An example can be found below:

stockades = {
zoneText = "The Stockade",
priority = {

Or if anyone happens to have an extra beta key around and we can make 85 premades I'll go gather this info myself.

Thanks in advance for any help with this! Hopefully this list will be complete by the time cata comes out

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