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Better Cache management.

Several times now when I've had to re-install WoWMinion (mostly cause I wiped it from an OS re-install), I get updates for Add-ons that should have updated weeks ago.

I run WoWMinion every few days, normally updating only when key add-ons update, or when a bunch show up. Over the course of several weeks, there's rarely been any more than a few. However, every time I re-install WoWMinion, it scans the same list of add-ons and then tells me there are dozens of updates (some weeks old).

Since there's no way to force updates in WoW Minion, I feel like I'm flying blind on my updates.

Secondly - you need an ability to update WoW Minion dynamically. Lets say I went and manually deleted or added an add-on, right now the only way to update the list is by going into options and hitting okay??? Not intuitive and I'm fairly certain this wasn't the original intent.

Just my 2 cp. Good work on WoWMinion so far. Other than lack of update sites, it's does surpasses WoWMatrix (especially in speed).
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