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Problems with identifying an addon throwing errors

I have a weird problem. My L120 hunter gets an error every time it tries to talk to an NPC with a quest to give. I found this out trying to get a loot token, but it happens every time I talk to any NPC with a quest. If there's a dialog box, I see the dialog and the error throws when I choose the quest.

My L120 monk does not have this problem. I went through and made sure they both have the same addons enabled/disabled. I've reloaded, relogged, exited completely and relaunched. I run Linux, and I've exited my wine manager and relaunched that, I've rebooted. Nothing helps.

If someone could help me identify what's throwing the error, and hopefully what to do about it, other than not play my hunter, I'd really appreciate it.

This is the error, captured by Swatter. I'm leaving in my list of addons.

Date: 2020-09-18 22:02:05
ID: 2
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua line 2839:
   Action[SetPoint] failed because[SetPoint would result in anchor family connection]: attempted from: QuestFrame:SetPoint.
   [string "=[C]"]: ?
   [string "=[C]"]: SetPoint()
   [string "@..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:2839: UpdateUIPanelPositions()
   [string "@..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:2460:
   [string "=[C]"]: SetAttribute()
   [string "@..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:3546:
   [string "=[C]"]: securecall()
   [string "@..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:2736: SetUIPanel()
   [string "@..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:2585: ShowUIPanel()
   [string "@..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:2453:
   [string "=[C]"]: SetAttribute()
   [string "@..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:3307:
   [string "=[C]"]: ShowUIPanel()
   [string "@..\FrameXML\QuestFrame.lua"]:99:

  Swatter, v8.3.BETA-4-4 (NzothsFolly)
  Ace3, v
  AdvancedInterfaceOptions, v1.3.4
  Altoholic, v8.3-006
  AltoholicCountHider, v1.07
  Annene, vv8.3.0-2release
  Appearances, v1.1.0
  AppearanceTooltip, vv19
  Auctioneer, v8.3.BETA-4-4 (NzothsFolly)
  AuctioneerStatsOverTime, v8.3.BETA-4-4 (NzothsFolly)
  AuctioneerUtilDealFinder, v8.3.BETA-4-4 (NzothsFolly)
  AuctioneerUtilValuer, v8.3.BETA-4-4 (NzothsFolly)
  AutomaticGoblinTherapist, vv1.05.01
  AutoRepair, v
  Awwwww, v2.0.2
  BadBoy, vv8.2.5
  BadBoyCCleaner, vv8.2.0
  BadBoyIgnore, vv8.2.0
  Bagsearchplus, v8.2.5
  BasicChatMods, vv8.3.1
  BattleNetFriendAlert, v3.5
  BelowAverageItems, v1.31
  BestSellButton, v2.1.2-release
  BetterAddonList, v1.0.6
  BindsWhen, v7.3.5.0
  Boing, v
  BonusRollPreview, v80100.47-Release
  BtWQuests, v1.70
  BtWQuestsBattleForAzeroth, v51
  BtWQuestsBattleForAzerothPrologue, v14
  CaerdonWardrobe, vv2.7.0
  CanIMogIt, v8.3.0v1.25
  ChampionCommander, v1.2.4 80300
  CharacterAchievements, v3.1
  ClassicUI, v1.1.6
  Comix, v8.3.0.0
  CompactVendor, v8.3.0.200202
  Compass, v1.0.10
  ConRO, v8.3.4
  ConROHunter, v8.3.2
  CoolLine, v8.0.002
  CopyPasta, v1.1.2
  CritterEmote, v1.7
  CurrencyTracking, vv6.21.11305.00
  DarkmoonProfessional, v8.2.0.2
  DataStore, vr67
  DataStoreAchievements, vr49
  DataStoreAgenda, vr31
  DataStoreAuctions, vr52
  DataStoreCharacters, vr45
  DataStoreContainers, vr61
  DataStoreCrafts, vr84
  DataStoreCurrencies, vr40
  DataStoreGarrisons, vr26
  DataStoreInventory, vr55
  DataStoreMails, vr54
  DataStorePets, vr46
  DataStoreQuests, vr48
  DataStoreReputations, vr45
  DataStoreSpells, vr34
  DataStoreStats, vr33
  DataStoreTalents, vr63
  DBMArchaeology, vr39
  DBMCore, v8.3.34
  DBMCountPackHotS, v1.7.8
  DBMCountPackOverwatch, v1.4.12
  DBMDefaultSkin, v
  DBMSoundEventsPack, v1.6.6
  DBMSpellTimers, vr123
  DBMStatusBarTimers, v
  DBMVPVEM, v11.0.0
  DeathClock, v8.3.0.25
  DejaCharacterStats, v830r306
  DevilProfessionInfo, v8.0.1
  DialogKey, v1.7.4
  DoesMyAltKnowThat, vv4
  DragIt, v8.1
  Dresser, v8.3.0.200202b
  DropTheCheapestThing, vv70100
  EasyScrap, v24
  Elephant, v8.3.0d
  ExaltedWithTheFloor, v1.2
  Exlist, v1.3.5
  ExtMailUI, v1.0.0
  ExtraQuestButton, v80100.14-Release
  FactionAddict, v1.58
  FarmIt2, v
  FishingBuddy, v1.10.10
  FixOrderHallMap, vv1.0.3
  FleecingTip, v830.1923(200720)
  GarrisonMissionManager, vv59
  GenderTooltip, v2.2.2
  Grail, v110
  GrailAchievements, v011
  GrailNPCsretail, v27178
  GrailNPCsretailenUS, v27178
  GrailQuestsretail, v31478
  GrailQuestsretailenUS, v31478
  GrailReputationsretail, v007
  GroupFinderRegion, v8.1.0
  GTFO, v4.56
  GuildTaxes, v0.1.10
  Hekili, vv8.3.7-02
  HereBeDragons, v2.03-release
  HereBeDragons10, v2.03-release
  HeroCache, v8.3.0.01
  HeroLib, v8.3.0.01
  HeroRotation, v8.3.0.01
  HeroRotationHunter, v
  HiddenArtifactTracker, v
  HigherLearning, v1.02
  InFlightLoad, v8.3.001
  Informant, v8.3.BETA-4-4 (NzothsFolly)
  InstanceAchievementTracker, v2.81.0
  InstancePortals, v25
  ISeeYouToo, v
  ItemType, v8.3.0.8
  Juwe, v3.1
  KillTrack, vv1.13.0
  LagBar, v4.7
  LightHeaded, vv80200-1.0.0-2020-05-01
  Linkerize, v011
  LinkWrangler, v2.02
  Livestock, v2.8.6
  LongStrangeTrip, v1.08
  LootMsgShortener, v0.80
  LOZRecorder, v2.3
  MailCommander, v1.0.1 80300
  MapLine, v8.3.0.1
  MasterPlanA, vA
  Memoria, v8.3
  MountJournalEnhanced, v2.7.1
  MountSpy, v8.1.0-1
  MyMountspecial, v8.0.1.0
  NameplateColors, vv1.6.0
  Niggles, v5.10
  numQuests, v7
  ObeliskMinimap, vr10
  OpenContainer, v1.1.18
  OrderHallCommander, v1.7.6 80300
  Overachiever, v1.0.9
  OverachieverCache, v1.0.9
  OverachieverTabs, v1.0.9
  OverachieverTrade, v1.0.9
  Paragon, vBismuth 8
  ParagonAnnouncer, v0.6
  ParagonReputation, v1.27
  ParagonRewards, v1.0
  Pawn, v2.3.35
  PersonalLootHelper, v2.21
  PetLeash, v3.1.5
  phisHideUI, v1.3.4
  PortGear, v4
  Postal, vv3.6.2
  QuestAnnounce, v8.0.2.1
  QuestGuru, v2.8.2
  QuestGuruSounds, v2.8.2
  QuestPlates, v8.3.0.2
  QuestPointer, vv21
  RangeDisplay, vv4.9.3
  RareScanner, v8.6
  Rarity, v1.0 (r698-release)
  RarityOptions, v
  ReGroup, v1.0b
  ReloadUiButton, v8.2.0-final
  RgsCT, vv1.2.4
  RollHistory, v8.3.0.200202
  ScrapBook, v8.3.0.47
  ShathYar, v0.4
  SilverDragon, vv80300.2
  SilverDragonBattleForAzeroth, vv80300.2
  SilverDragonBurningCrusade, vv80300.2
  SilverDragonCataclysm, vv80300.2
  SilverDragonLegion, vv80300.2
  SilverDragonMists, vv80300.2
  SilverDragonVanilla, vv80300.2
  SilverDragonWarlords, vv80300.2
  SilverDragonWrath, vv80300.2
  SimpleDing, vv1.0
  SimpleGold, v5.8.2
  Simulationcraft, v1.12.5
  Skada, v1.7.7
  Skadacfi, v0.5.2
  SkadaScroll, v1.5.3
  SlashHelp, v4.2
  SlideBar, v8.3.BETA-4-4 (NzothsFolly)
  SmartSell, v1.13.2d
  SmexyMats, v8.3.0 Retail
  SpeedyGonzales, v1.7.7
  Stubby, v8.3.BETA-4-4 (NzothsFolly)
  TabardAddict, v2.47
  TargetNameplateIndicator, v1.35
  TaxiTimer, v8.3.0.200202
  TheUndermineJournal, v5.5.20200915
  TierTokenTooltip, v1.05
  TinyPad, v3.0.4
  TipTop, v3.1.1
  TokenSplainer, vr04
  TomTom, vv80300-1.1.4
  TooltipRealmInfo, v1.9.5-release
  ToyBoxEnhanced, v2.4.3
  TransmogCleanup, v
  TransmogRoulette, v8.3.0.2
  TransmogTokens, v1.4.9
  WakeningEssenceTracker, v
  WardrobeSort, vv1.4.5
  WarfrontRareTracker, v1.1.3-2
  WeakAuras, v2.18.4
  WhereDoWeGoNow, v
  WhoFramedWatcherWabbit, v2.3.1
  Wholly, v079
  WorldMapTrackingEnhanced, vv4.02
  WorldQuestsList, v92
  WorldQuestTab, v8.3.04.3
  WorldQuestTabUtilities, v8.3.01.2
  WoWPro, v8.3.0-B4
  WoWProAchievements, v8.3.0-B4
  WoWProDailies, v8.3.0-B4
  WoWProLeveling, v8.3.0-B4
  WoWProWorldEvents, v8.3.0-B4
  WQAchievements, vv8.3.0-14release
  Wyr3dIcyVeinsStats, v
  XandY, v2.14
  ZoneAchievementTracker, v8.0.0.0
  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v8.3.7.80300 <none>
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Try a binary search. Disable half of your addons and try again. If you get the error, the addon to blame is in that half. If not, it's in the other half. Repeat with half of the next group.
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I did that?
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Do you have an addon that "helps" with hunter quests?

It's probably an addon anchoring the QuestFrame to/from the WorldFrame without a ClearAllpoints or anchoring it to WorldFrame and a non-restricted frame at the same time.


WorldFrame is a restricted anchor along with NamePlates
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First thing I did was turn off all my hunter-focused addons. (I only had 1).

Now, I think I forgot to mention, that sometimes I can't see the Character Pane, or the Spellbook. *sometimes*. Various other things on the screen behave as if they're open - the sounds fire off, among other things. The numbers on my toon portrait re-arrange themselves in the same way they do on my monk. But sometimes they work.

I just logged into the character, figured I'd do gold farming from raids. I happened to notice that the bmah had a mail item, so I went into the underbelly to get to it.

When I talked to the guard at the front, it wouldn't show me his vendor frame. I could, however, buy a guard.
When I went to talk to the BMAH, I couldn't see the interface. I came here and read the comments, and disabled Best Sell Button, Extra Quest Button, Quest Guru (and it's dependency). It worked! I could see both!

So I started turning them back on again. I now have them all enabled again, and I can still see everything from the bodyguard guy, and the BMAH in Underbelly - LegionDal.

So I bounced to Boralus, and I could get my second loot token, and talk to the weekly quest turtle.

I'll update this if things go weird again. I want to reiterate that, this entire time, I've had the exact same addons enabled on both the hunter and monk, and the monk never saw any problems.

who is SO confused.
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It might be a WTF corruption that caused the error on WTF elements that are character specific.
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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
It might be a WTF corruption that caused the error on WTF elements that are character specific.

What does that mean, and what could I do about it?
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It basically means that somehow a WTF file has a different value to what is expected.. either due to an addon change since your last play that doesn't validate new variables added since .. or a bug that caused the wrong value to be written that has been fixed but hasn't ensure the data has been fixed. I usually clear out my WTF folder when I have played after a long break and addons have had a significant set of changes.

If it ever happens again, rename the WTF folder and restart. The game and the addons will rebuild their files as needed . But seeing as this method also wipes any addon settings you might have you will have to reset them.

If you know the addon with the problem, rename the addon's specific WTF file.

If you only have the problem on one character, despite numerous toon switching then the problem is with that characters version of the WTF file.

The path to these files are as follows:
Game Wide : > \_retail\WTF\
Account Wide : > \_retail\WTF\Account\<Account Name>\
Server Wide : > \_retail\WTF\Account\<Account Name>\<Server Name>\
Character Wide : > \_retail\WTF\Account\<Account Name>\<Server Name>\ <Character Name>\

Game, Account and Character level folders have a set of game files and a folder named SavedVariables. You can rename this folder or the individual file(s) inside as needed. Each addon with a set of WTF files will be in this SavedVariables folder depending on if it is an account or character wide set of data.

Last edited by Xrystal : 09-21-20 at 03:06 PM.
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