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Quest tracking and minimap routing

I know back in the day, there was a setting I could choose that would not scale the minimap when quest routing would take you off the shown minimap. It would just show the quest tracking running off the side of the map. On the new beta version of Carbonite, I can't find this setting. Only a setting for restoring the scale you had set before it switched for the quest tracking. Is this setting available still, or is it gone? Did I explain it well enough to make sense?

Thanks! xD
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If I remember correctly it was never an option, but if maximum & minimum zoom were set to the same value it stopped...

I'm getting old tho, and memory isn't perfect :P if it was an option it should still exist, I never changed any of the right click option windows (yet).
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Auto Scale

There's an Auto Scale checkbox next to Carbonite's close button.

Hover over Carbonite's map and you should see an 'X' button with a checked, or empty, box to it's left in the top-right corner. So it's not an option found in the settings but an option on the map itself.
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AHA! Thanks, will look for that when I get home on my lunch break. I knew it was somewhere, just couldn't remember where. xD

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