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Lightbulb Btex Fan Update 2.0 Screenshots please.

Requesting wide / ultra wide screenshots of action bar using Btex Fan Update 2.0
I used to use this addon waaaaay back in the day and even made a few skins for it (Gbar). However this addon has fallen out of date until recently since I have returned to WoW and decided update the .TOC and .LUA as per game update as needed.

Read screenshot instructions further below if participating

Why am I requesting this?
Since the days of vanilla and when Btex was updated by Tiggy several years ago, PC / TV screen sizes have exploded.. Wide screen, Ultra wide, 1k-4K and now 8K. I dont think Btex was readily prepared for this crazy Resolutions that are used now, several of the default skins are most likely not well proportioned to accomidate this. There fore I am requesting screenshots.

Please send these via Private message to me.
I will NOT share any screenshots of your action-bar setups, hotkeys, etc, without your consent. all screenshots will be kept private and ONLY temporarily used as a base template then deleted.

I have included a Test Skin in the default selection of Btex so that it can be used for this process.

Participation Details:
Seeking Wide / Ultra wide (includes 1k-4k), Resolution SS.

I am currently working with 1920x1080 / 1600x900 Resolutions and lower. do NOT need SS of these.

Btex command line in chat box /bx menu
  1. After install and game loaded, run the above command to open Btex
  2. Select Test from skin dropdown list
  3. adjust Test skin until red borders are showing along all edges
  4. take screen shot. (please save and or convert as .Jpg / .Jpeg)
Additional Information
you do not need to load any other addons for this purpose. Only need the gray Test skin with action bar loaded.

Please include the following information when submitting screenshot
  • Game resolution used (preferably full screen / window borderless)
  • Any scaling used (game system graphics, and or any other addons that may further adjust UI scaling of action bar area)

The more Screenshots of different resolutions and scaling, the sooner I can try to rescale the default skin and or add more skins that will work and align more correctly with today's modern monitors / TV's.

Meantime this is the skin I completed today, Took about 4 hours.
Based on 1920 x 1080 Resolution.

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I will continue to make more skins for this addon, however none of them will most likely not the best viable option for ultra wide monitors and TV resolutions. Expect only what Btex had by loaded by default along with my two custom skins that are loaded into the folder as well for now until I am provided with some screenshots of other custom PC and or TV resolutions pertaining to ultra-wide screens

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According to the forums...
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You might just need to be patient until you get users who want to use your addon.
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