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Update 2.2.0

With this update, cargBags_Nivaya is being replaced by a brand new addon: RealUI_Inventory. The new addon tries to maintain the core feel of the old one, while cutting away the crusty parts. Anyone using cargBags will feel at home with Inventory. It's got the same auto generated filter bags, plus a few more, as well as the ability to reassign an item to a different bag (ctrl+alt+right-click, same as cargBags).

One major difference is that all options are in the RealUI advanced config, which is directly accessible from the cog button on the main inventory bag. Once in the options, you'll find a toggle for auto-selling junk, rearranging bags, and creating new custom bags. Note: The current UI for rearranging the bags is admittedly not the best, and I am looking for improvements.

Aside from bags, this update also fixes the options frame error, and generally make the options frame more tolerant of errors. This means that if an error occurs again, the options frame will still show at the very least.

Please post bugs/errors in a new thread.
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