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Quest Watch Window New Install Bug

My data hard disk went and died on me, so I had to replace it and install WoW and all my plugins all over again. Re-installing plugins went smoothly, right up until I re-installed Carbonite 5.4.0 Alpha 2.

When I loaded WoW the Carb Quest Watch Window was positioned hard against the left screen edge and up so high that the title bar for it is positioned off-screen on the top screen edge. Figuring it was a Carb install glitch, I wiped Carb (including its WTF files) and re-installed it again. Yup, same problem. I guess between this latest version of WoW, and this version of Carb, that the Quest Watch Window "new install" screen positioning got slightly hosed.

The upshot is, since I can't see the title bar I can't move the window. I re-read the Carb readme file and couldn't find anything in it that mentioned a Quest Watch Window reset command to use to bring the window fully back into view. If there isn't a window reset command, there should be!

I tried going through the WTF Carb LUA files hoping that it 'd be a simple fix, but I can't figure out which set of X,Y coords are the right ones to change.

Anybody know which is the right WTF LUA file to look in, and exactly which line(s) to edit?

Other than that Rythal, I'd say I stumbled across a new bug that shows the need for a window position reset command. Heh, can't drag a title bar if you can't see it.


Almost forgot Rythal, were you aware the first thing you see when you bring up the main map in Stormwind City for the first time is a map of one of the new instances (some island, don't know which one though). Once I move the mouse over the map it disappears and the SW map comes up. It only happens once after logging in and thereafter bringing up the map in SW works correctly.
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I had that problem too, but my quest watch list was shoved far off to the right side of the screen. If I remember correctly, I think I used the game's UI slider in WoW's system video settings to get to it and move it temporarily towards the middle somewhere? Just a thought.
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Try typing "/carb resetwin" (without the quotes) in chat and see if that does it for you. That SHOULD rest all Carbonites window positions.
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After reading both of your replies I logged back into WoW, and I was like "OH, you blind dummy".

Don't know how I missed yesterday that I was looking at the WoW Quest Watch Window, and NOT Carbs. My next immediate thought was, "Why am I not seeing Carbs Quest Watch Window?". Took a look in WoW's Interface/Addons directory and saw that only the core Carb files were there, and none of the modules, so all I had installed was the Carb map stuff. For some reason or other, when the Curse Client installed Carb from scratch it only installed the core modules, first time Curse has done something like that to me. Did a reinstall and that solved the problem.

<BLUSH> Too many hours at the keyboard I guess!

Anyway, thanks for the replies, and especially for that window reset command, that'll probably come in handy in the future.
Paul Stout
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