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File name from file ID

Hoping I missed this somewhere...

Did anyone ever figure out how to get the file name/path from the new file IDs?

I'm trying to update LibAdvancedIconSelector for one of my addons. This library gives you a window with all macro/item icons that is searchable. (ie, want to see all the icons of shields? - they probably have the word shield in their file name)

It uses GetMacroIcons() and GetMacroItemIcons() to compile its filename list. However these functions now return the IDs instead of the names. Can't search 132398 for "shield".

If this hasn't been figured out, does anyone more creative than me at the moment (obviously) have any ideas?

/edit: oh, and I found that texture:SetToFileData(index) has been removed, since you can just use :SetTexture(index) now.
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