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HUD & target

First off, kudos on an exeptionally well-designed and executed product - 5.02.05 is working very nicely indeed for my mage, lock and druid equally

I have just about become used to the HUD now, after a confusing start as it was so very new to me

One thing I still find tricky to spot is "tapped" mobs - it's difficult to see those which are grey due to someone else hitting them first, versus those which are simply low level.

I use the "Player/Target" style HUD and have the following suggestions for the right-hand side of the HUD:

1. Colour the health bar grey if the target is tapped
> Instantly obvious indicator that you should pick another target

2. Shape the bar differently depending on the target's standing with you:
standard ")" shape for red (aggressive) mobs
"|" shape for yellow (attackable, but do not attack you on sight) mobs
"(" shape for green (friendly, unattackable) mobs
> Instantly obvious if your current target is friendly or a mob to start shooting, when it gets a bit thick in the middle of a 25-man raid, for example
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I thought the HUD did color the health bar gray if the mod was tapped... I'll have to look at that... I'm at work and can't recall for certain, but... yeah... I woulda sworn it already did that.

Using different shapes based on the status of the mob is pretty complicated for a host of reasons... taint being one of them. It's also problematic from the point of view of shaping the target-of-target bars and location of elements like labels, auras, etc., relative to the bars.

That said, having some kind of indication of the relationship of the target to you in the HUD does make sense.

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Strangeness, I just cleared out my WTF folder for a specific char and then went in to test the tapped mob thing - it's grey, as you said!

No clue what happened there then.
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Still, for the color blind it would be useful to have some textual indicator of status. I know Blizzard has added more information to help color blind people to get information that is normally communicated in color.

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