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Question Using minion instead

im used to curse. and im looking for what ppl call pro's and con's? i dont wanna do a swap for usage and then .. regret it if there are more bad things then good.. i have for

Looks like people know what there doing...
looks simple and easy to use (correct me if im wrong)
large add-on database
still growing and has my interest in it (thats hard to get beleive it or not)

and then theres (negatives)
still in beta(not much of a negative but still)
error's (they look like they being fixed )

umm can anyone else tell me some things that are good? and how to backup all my add-ons? im currently using curse.. but im not to fond of it anymore it seems to lost my interest...
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try it you'll like it

and then theres (negatives)
still in beta(not much of a negative but still)
error's (they look like they being fixed )

It has been in Beta for a long time. Don't know why, but it has. Throughout that time it has worked very well.

WoWInterface works to improve all the addons, so I trust these addons more than the ones I find on curse. minion helps to keep them updated, but I prefer the website to search for new possibilities.

I know that doesn't specifically answer your questions, but I know you should not be disappointed by making the upgrade to minion.
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It's not really an either-or situation. You can use both. You just have to be careful when updating addons that are maintained on both sites as this seems to confuse both of them.

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