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Just a shared smile :D

My 3 1/2 yr old grandspawn often comes in & hangs out for virtual tours of Azeroth. We take scenic night flights when we can't sleep, exclaim over amazing landscapes, battle wild critters & tame brutal beasties.
Many of her art endeavors involve wolf women, & big cats such as tigers are usually green...
She growls with the big cats, looks for Gryphons & Dragons at the local Air Shows, & often proclaims my deeds to all in earshot "Grrrranma got ganked by an Oooooze... ick!!!" lol
Our latest conversation:
Grrranma? Mommy gots Google Maps on her laptop (she loves the scrolling zoom feature), what's grrranma's wolf woman with the green kitty (Worgan Hunter with green tiger) got?
I showed her the Carbonite Map as well as Blizzards basic map & she played with them while I explained that I can find quests & my wolf woman can find her way home much easier with the Carbonite map...
She jumped down & ran to the other end of the house...
Mommy, Mommy guess what? Grrrranma's Wolf Woman has Carbonies Ooogle!
Carbonies Ooogle? What does that do?
Hands on hips, rolling eyes... Mommy uses Google Maps to google your way home, Grranma's Wolf Woman uses Carbonies OOOOGLE Maps to ooogle her way home!
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Aww bless! I don't think There is a word for how cute that is
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Love it!!

Very excellent!!!
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awwww how cute!
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That's adorable!
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Thanks for sharing this. It's delightful!
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awesome stuff!! now if you change that hunter to a Tauren, then all will be right with the universe

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