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Fubar underneath UI elements

I just downloaded Fubar today, and I love it, but I have one problem with it--I'd really like to be able to have it go underneath my UI as opposed to over it. That is, if I move my unit frames on top of a Fubar bar, I'd like the unit frame to be the thing that's on top and not the Fubar bar.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you!
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What's the point of having it if you are just gonna slab your Unit Frames on top of it?
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Originally Posted by Pigl33t
What's the point of having it if you are just gonna slab your Unit Frames on top of it?
  • Some people don't fill the bars so there's wasted space.
  • Some people prefer to center the bars and edit the mod to get it to stop moving frames on its own.
  • Some people drag minimap buttons onto the bars.
  • Some people have temporary frames pop up at the top
  • Some people anchor frames to "TOP" of UIParent when testing
  • Probably more reasons.

To answer the original question, if you know the name of the frame you can do frame:SetFrameStrata("BACKGROUND") and it will stay in the background. (may need to do frame:SetToplevel(0) also but unlikely) Fubar 2.0 appears to have no xml and over 30 SetFrameStrata, so someone else can pick apart where to edit. But this macro:

/script local f=GetMouseFocus() if f then f:SetFrameStrata("BACKGROUND") end

Will zap frames to the background. (make sure you use it with the mouse over a blank part of the bar so it sets the bar and not a plugin's frameStrata)
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It's "FuBarFrame1" for the first panel, "FuBarFrame2" for the second and so on... entering /script FuBarFrame1:SetFrameStrata("BACKGROUND") works temporarly (e.g. the frame that I had unter FuBarFrame1 was on top of it) -- but after moving the frame away and back, it was under FuBar again. Needs some changes in the code I guess.

found the line - open FuBar.lua search for
change it to

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