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What I want to do...

Been playing several toons, enjoying the actual WoW life, seeing what I enjoy doing and not, and thinking to myself personally what would help make Carbonite better...

This thread is not to talk about any bugs currently, but quality of life improvements... Or even things I should remove all together. The last time I sat and did this, I didn't really ask anyone else their opinions, I just went ahead and implemented auto selling and auto repair into warehouse because I had yet to find one that suited what I wanted

Some Current Thoughts:

Tracker ->
It started out as a proof of concept to show how the modularization of Carbonite worked, and for me to test that writing something from scratch would integrate without problems. It hasn't been kept up to date (as aparent, it's still not 6.2) but instead of making it just 6.2, or 7.0 I want to expand it.

1) Add a tracking window, similar to the quest watch one in appearance, what it will contain to follow
2) Expand what it tracks, currently I was playing with pet battles... and the pet tracker addon is very well done, but it's doing too much with no options to turn parts off... personally I don't want the icons on the map, nor do I want the zone list to show things I'm not going to get.. such as trading card, or archeology... I want a separate window, that just shows me which pets I don't yet have and can battle to get
3) Along the same line, I want it to track other things, such as my weekly invincible or mimron's head chance kill, my thunderfury bindings, etc etc... I want to track not just level 100 current tier stuff, but collectable things that are rare and you may use multiple chars per week trying to get it.... all within a small quest watch style window for the character your currently logged into, preferably with buttons to change between what your looking at / tracking.

They are out of date, I know it, you know it, we all know it... I want to fix that, but my knowledge of web scraping is nil, so for that I need outside help

Carbonite is actually better at routing then I ever gave it credit for, but I want to expand on it. Adding the missing portals, adding hearthstones / garrison stones, Having the flight map actually show you the recommended flightmaster in some way, not just tell you fly to xxxx and leave it to you to hover over them and find the right one.

Yeah yeah I said I wouldn't talk about bugfixing... but I can't just ignore them, and any huge game breaking or addon breaking bugs need to be looked at.

So have at it... lay it on me... let me have it.... and try to be gentle to anyone who does respond, nothing is a dumb idea, or shouldn't be discussed or talked about.
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