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Need help with spell activation overlay

hi i wan to make addon to show blizzard spell alert like hot strike fire mage but when this buff proc on bm hunter 'Flayer's Mark' anyone can help me with that ? its simple i try to change this code but its not show the overlay.

local frame = CreateFrame("FRAME")

frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
local unitid = ... if unitid ~= "player" then return end

if AuraUtil.FindAuraByName("Flayer's Mark", "player", "HELPFUL") then
SpellActivationOverlay_ShowOverlay(SpellActivationOverlayFrame, 263725, "Textures\\SpellActivationOverlays\\GenericTop_01.BLP", "TOP", 1, 255, 190, 205)
SpellActivationOverlay_HideOverlays(SpellActivationOverlayFrame, 263725)

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