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Dynamic Button Layouts

Hi all

I have a frame that will contain buttons.

I have a number of buttons that will differ based on checkbox selections.

Each button is already created, (all in lua), yet they have no default anchor points.

I have tried to build a function that should layout the buttons correctly yet I keep getting
attempt to call method 'ClearAllPoints' errors

This is my very first attempt at such a function and I have tried many different ways all with the same outcomes.

Here is my last function;
Lua Code:
  1. local function buttonFrameButtonLayout()
  2.     for k, v in pairs(ButtonTable) do
  3.         if v then
  4.             thisButton =  "ButtonFrame" .. k
  5.             thisButton:ClearAllPoints()
  6.             thisButton:SetPoint(
  7.             VariableList.currentParentAnchorPoint,
  8.             VariableList.currentAnchorButton,
  9.             VariableList.currentChildAnchorPoint,
  10.             VariableList.currentSideGap,
  11.             VariableList.currentYGap
  12.             )
  14.             VariableList.currentAnchorButton = thisButton
  16.             if VariableList.currentButtonCount == 3 then
  17.                 VariableList.currentParentAnchorPoint = "LEFT"
  18.                 VariableList.currentAnchorButton = VariableList.topAnchorButton
  19.                 VariableList.currentChildAnchorPoint = "RIGHT"
  20.                 VariableList.currentSideGap = NumberList.actionButtonSideGap
  21.                 VariableList.currentYGap = 0
  22.                 VariableList.currentButtonCount = 1
  23.             elseif VariableList.currentButtonCount == 1 then
  24.                 VariableList.currentParentAnchorPoint = "BOTTOM"
  25.                 VariableList.currentAnchorButton = VariableList.topAnchorButton
  26.                 VariableList.currentChildAnchorPoint = "TOP"
  27.                 VariableList.currentSideGap = 0
  28.                 VariableList.currentYGap = NumberList.actionButtonYGap
  29.                 VariableList.currentButtonCount = VariableList.currentButtonCount + 1
  30.                 VariableList.topAnchorButton = thisButton
  31.             end
  32.         end
  33.     end
  34. end

I have also tried to build the buttons on the fly yet some buttons run a macro whilst others have onclick functions and that also has been punishing.

What is the proper way to solve this issue?

Also, I have a view to making the frame resizable so the buttons will need to shift at the same time, though this a want to, rather than a need to.
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