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JoinChannelByName enigma

UDPATE: Nevermind, I'm an idiot... it seems SendChatMessage can only be triggered by a hardware event, not by an addon, thus the error. I'll have to find another way for my addon to talk to other versions of it out there...


I'm trying to join a channel programmatically through an addon using the following logic:

JoinChannelByName("mychannel", nil, ChatFrame1:GetID(), false)
however, this seems to join the channel in a way that I cannot actually send or receive anything from/to it:

local id = GetChannelName("mychannel")
SendChatMessage("testmsg", "CHANNEL", "COMMON", id)
seems to fail:

Interface action failed because of an AddOn
Which points to a taint issue, but nothing is showing up in the taint.log (using level 1).

I'm confused... how can SendChatMessage raise a taint?

What am I missing?

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If you want your addon to talk to itself on another player, you should probably be using the addon hidden chat message system, and not a custom chat channel

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Patch 8.2.5 (as well as Classic patch 1.13.3) has partically protected SendChatMessage if you're trying to send to SAY, YELL, or CHANNEL. Those three message destinations require a hardware event in order for addons to use them, such as a key or a click. However, you can freely send to SAY or YELL while in an instance.
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I switched to SendAddonMessage() but noticed that it seems to work fine in a party, i.e

C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage(prefix, "test")
is received by addons on other clients in the same party just fine, but:

C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage(prefix, "test", "CHANNEL", channelid)
where channelid is the id of a custom channel I joined on all client with

channelid = GetChannelName(channelname)
seems to NOT propagate to the other clients (i.e. CHAT_MSG_ADDON is not fired).

Is SendAddonMessage somehow limited, too for "CHANNEL" or am I doing something completely wrong?
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