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03-15-11, 08:32 AM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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A mass mailer for Guildies


Has anyone come across a mod that lets you send an in-game mail letter (not items) to multiple accounts? I'm wanting to send out a mass mail to my guild without having to copy and paste repeatedly . . . I thought I'd got the answer when I saw Massmailer, but I see that it hasn't been upgraded for 4.0

Thanks for any help
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03-15-11, 09:07 AM   #2
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Even if there is a mod that would do that, recently (can't remember exactly when) Blizzard instituted a mailspam timer. You can only send a certain number of mails at one time before you hit the limit and can no longer send mail until the timer resets unless the mail is being sent to another character on the same account.
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Might consider another means of communicating with your guild. Im about to try out GuildMaster myself because the in game guild forum sounds nifty, granted it requires that all guild members have the addon. Most guilds require DBM as it is, whats adding one more!
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03-15-11, 12:59 PM   #4
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also look at the in game calendar, there are a lot of things you can do with that
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A Defias Bandit
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Thanks for the words of wisdom - it wouldn't be that many messages, but I can see why Blizzard want to make life difficult for gold sellers . . .
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Also don't forget that there is a whole section in the guild UI for information to get to the guild. Just stick in the GMotD when it's been updated with new info.
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