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Nameplates that change size on distance +?

I used to have an addon that did this a long time ago (do not recall the name). As I moved I would see the plates dynamically changing size to make foreground plates more visible. I see about 2 years ago the system was changed for nameplates and things may be a bit different now. Is there an addon that still does this, is it even still possible?

+ Right now I love KUI Nameplates and it probably does the best that it can do within the system, and maybe it can do most of what I want but I'm not setting it up properly. What I would ideally want would be to have friendly players with no names or nameplates at all outside of combat/instances, and nameplates in combat. NPCs have name only nameplates, and all friendly fade or become smaller on distance (currently settling for both having name only nameplates outside of combat and names remain on so I don't have to toggle them for instances). In instances and/or in combat the closest enemies have larger nameplates and/or further enemies plates fade and/or non-targetted enemies during combat fade. Right now in order to make NPC name only nameplates work I have to use nameplates always on and the only thing that's fading are neutral enemies.
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