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Auras cooldown counts problem

I'm trying to hide spiral cooldown texture on aura icons, but want to remain count text

I use this code

Lua Code:
  1. Auras.PostCreateIcon = function(_, button)
  3.     if not button.count then return end
  5.     button.count:SetPoint("BOTTOM")
  6.     button.count:SetTextColor(1,1,0)
  7.     button.count:SetFont(GameFontNormal:GetFont(), 8)
  9.     --button.cd:SetAlpha(0)
  10. end

Above code is definitely executed and does not occur errors. But, Nothings changed in the game
I have no idea Why count objects are not affected by the code above

Lua Code:
  1. button.cd:SetAlpha(0)
This set alpha 0 to count. so Cooldown texts can't be seen also

Lua Code:
  1. button.count:SetParent(button)
Does not help.

How can I edit cooldown count text?
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