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Request: AH addon that post via Item lvl/Item ID

Hello there,

I have come here today to request some knowledge and help in regards to one of the problems i have with the main wow addon I use (TSM). There is one thing that just seems to never work, it is causing me to crash server prices for items. As some of you are aware when listing Boe epics with tertiary stats can be a pain in the ass.

I just spoke with @BilisOnyxia on discord and he has just told me it is limited with TSM and you can do it within wow but tsm just cant do it.

So the main problem!

Tertiary stats on boe epics.

so basically 99% of the time i have noticed that items with tertiary stas are hard to sell since they usually are 3 times more than a normal 350 epic all i want is to basically ignore Tertiary stats and only post and undercut via item lvl. With TSM you can kinda do this you can ignore bonusIDs but this also ignores item lvl

at this point i'm willing to use any addon/plugin that dose not break ToS. But please keep in mind i have around 50+ epics per realm and like 7 realms so i know i can do 1 by 1 on tsm but that is just not feasible.


This function is not in TSM and i don't know if there is a main reason for it, but it is one of the main things that would stop massive price drops on boe epics, say i have 3 epics of the same item so 350-355-360

function if 360<350-355 don't undercut post 25%above 355

Thank you for your time.
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