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In regards to buffs/auras on the raid frames


I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this. I do use an oUF (I assume default) in my UI, under a UI compilation/interface called LUI by default. It does handle other raidframes, but it adopts oUF by default.

Now my queries are in regards to the frames, which shows up as 5 characters down, and obviously up to 8 across, depending on size of raid and each character in the raid auto resizes. So this is all fine. What I've had in the past is when I'm on a healer whether it be holy priest, resto druid, or resto shammy. When I cast a hot on a player, the oUF frames show that, that hot is in place on that player. Under BfA, and I know Blizz has blocked a lot of addons, and I potentially need to install the current oUF ontop of LUI which I can do if need be. But when casting renew, regrowth, or rejuv, none of these show up as little icons on the character name, where those icon sizes could be changed.

I don't know if this was something that was ever in oUF or LUIs version of oUF, or some other addon I used to use but forgotten.

But to not be able to keep track of who I have renew on, or druid hots, will obviously get very mana expensive.

If anyone has any thoughts on whether it was an oUF setting that was in the game, but blizz has now blocked or if it's another addon altogether, as I would love to keep track of my hots when I do heal in a party or a raid.

Cheers in advance of any info.
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