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01-19-07, 04:21 PM   #1
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Stick a fork in me

The time has come...

WoW has stopped being fun to me. I played the BC beta for a while, levelled a char to 70, and pretty much haven't logged in since.

I've done everything in the game that I wanted. End-game raiding 5-7 days a week, 4-8 hours at a time just isn't fun anymore. I'd rather go out and have fun IRL.

Granted I still play games. Currently I'm in the LoTRO beta and Vanguard beta. Both seem a bit more 'casual' friendly than WoW, and more importantly, I have fun when I play.

So its hard to say, but I'm done with WoW and WoW mods.

Thanks to everyone in the UI community for all their great help and stuff. Too many names to list, but if we crossed paths/posts, thanks.

Its been real

Zeph (Devla)
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01-19-07, 04:39 PM   #2
An Aku'mai Servant
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whoa, that's both surprising and a bit sad. See you Devla, may you have fun regardless what you're doing next. I'll miss you .. hey .. legends never die, they return some day ! :P
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01-19-07, 04:40 PM   #3
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certainly sorry to see you go man
in my days playing wow youve certainly been one influential figure be it your work at worldofwar, swapping messages on the wowace boards (i still remember getting a "bootleg" copy of egocast from you lol), you are and have been an asset to the entire wow community.
i can certainly understand where youre coming from and appreciate your circumstances.
i wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavours and no matter what, dont stop having fun gaming!
it's been a pleasure to share the same web communities with you.
best regards,
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Credendo Vides
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*snuggles the stuffins' out of Devla*

I'm not sad, because I know we'll still find each other in other places.

The WoW UI community, however, is definitely losing a valuable member. That *is* sad.
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A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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Devla, Devla, Devla...

You'll be missed.
"They say
the pen is mightier than any saber -
any sword -
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01-20-07, 11:29 PM   #6
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/em forks Devla, hard and long.
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