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Clique Explained

Clique is a (fairly) thin wrapper around the 'secure template' system that Blizzard has provided that allows us to cast spells and program the various clickable buttons in-game. These buttons cannot cast spells without these templates, which somewhat limits what we are able to do with them.

This is a post to help clarify the way that Clique functions, and in particular the way that the various binding sets and attributes interact.

Default bindings

The default bind set uses the raw attribute system. This just programs a button to cast a certain spell when it is clicked. The easiest example of this is setting say Shift-Left-click to cast Flash Heal.

A 'default' binding is quite literally just the fallback default. If you use no other bind-sets, its the correct one to use. However, if you're using others, it may be over-ridden.

Friend and Enemy bindings

These bind sets can change the behaviour of a click on a frame depending on whether the unit is a friend or an enemy. They are also hard-coded into the template system, which gives them odd behaviour compared to the other sets.

Essentially if you have a friend/enemy binding set the same as a default binding, then they will ALWAYS override the default, unless the condition does not hold. So assume that you do the following:
  • shift-left-click - friend - Regrowth
  • shift-left-click - default - Moonfire

If you click on a friendly unit, Regrowth will happen. If you click on anything that isn't classified as a 'friend', then you will cast Moonfire on it. Basically, if you're using friend/enemy bindings, it's probably best to just set them manually rather than relying on the 'default' set, but that's completely up to you.

Out of Combat bindings (modifier)

This is designed to be a modifier to any other bind sets. If 'ooc' is set on a binding, then it only ever applies when the player is out of combat. If the player IS out of combat, this will mask other bindings with the same key/click.

The reason this is necessary is because of the way friend/enemy is implemented in the secure templates.

Primary/Secondary talent spec bindings (modifier)

This is a modifier to other bind sets. If 'pritalent' or 'sectalent' is set on a binding, then it only ever applies when the player is using that talent set. It does NOT purposely mask other bindings with the same key/click.
These are pretty simple, they will only be applied when you

Hovercast binding

A hovercast binding is *always* active when the player has the mouse over a unit or unit frame in the world. This makes it so you can shift-click a unit in the 3D world and a spell will be case on that unit, or bind the same to some key-combination.

This is done using the global binding system, it just gets turned on and off depending on what the mouse is over.

Global binding

These bindings are always active. They are game-wide, so they conflict with anything in the normal 'key bindings' dialog.
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