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add on version numbers

first of all apologies if this is being dealt with but..

i use minion now only recently after a recomend from feed o matic site

i also use matrix and curse (and still do some manually ) because not all updaters of addons correctly pick up all the addons on diferent characters acounts etc that i use.

i have found that with minnion it says updates for some addons are available but then when i check the versions it says that are available are older than the versions i allready have. understandable i guess and it happens with other addon updaters also BUT the problem i have with minion is that ....

it doesnt show both the version i have and the version it recomends me to get it just says update available.

if i let it auto update all as i did once it installs older versions of addons that i have that do not work anymore

so can we plz have it to show version installed and recomended versions available so i can decide if i want to "üpdate" or not as at the moment the only way i can check is to have more than one updater open so i care compare versions of the addons installed .

again apologies if this issue has been addressed somewhere else. or if there is a way of setting this but if so i cant find it, hope u see what i mean peeps .....

thx in advance for your help .

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