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07-08-11, 01:39 PM   #1
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Suspected Bad ad


I'm pretty sure I got a bad ad on the mmoui minion.

Was in my gmail, and opened mmoui minion in the background. The program itself opened behind firefox, and then up popped a request to install an adobe product. I hit 'Don't Install'. I flipped back to MMOUI Minion, and see that its ad hadn't loaded.

Right-clicking the advertisement, gave this url:

Unfortunately I did NOT see the ad in question which tried to push this to me.

Location: Ontario, Canada
OS: Vista Business x64 SP2

Java, Flash & Adobe are all fully updated per Secunia scans.
Full malwarebytes & MSE scans were done overnight Monday, and the system was clean.

No TDL/TDSS rootkit to hide any malware from mbam, as wow's not crashing, let alone to any of the known TDL/TDSS rootkit crash addresses.

Doing another mbam scan now, but I don't think it'll find anything.
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07-08-11, 07:51 PM   #2
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Blearg. If you see it again, please try to note what it was advertising for, so we can inform our Ad Dept that it's a problem ad and they need to remove it.
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dolby may have guessed your issue in IRC - not sure if you caught that when he replied to you.

Was it asking you to install Flash? (Do you have Flash installed on your computer?) He said that it should know if you already have Flash installed, and only show you Flash-based ads if you do so as not to make you install it. This may explain why the ad did not load.
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07-09-11, 07:45 AM   #4
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Yeah, I caught what Dolby said. I had a TV repair person here to fix an ongoing problem, who pulled my connection before I was ready for him to, which is why I disappeared. >.<

Flash IS installed, and I knew it was fully up to date due to general maintenance Monday evening.

Which is why I clicked "Do not Install" because I knew that it couldn't be a real installer.

I even confirmed afterwards that everything was fully up to date via Secunia's scan.
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