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Arachnophobia addon! Please help

TL;DR: request for addon that censors spiders in game.

Hi developers. I have scoured the internet looking for a solution to my problem for years and so far nothing. I am here on this forum to beg you to make an addon for people with spider phobias like me.
Before the people who don't understand phobias come telling me to just get over it or do exposure therapy, I have been playing this game for 10 years and my phobia is as bad as it was day 1. I can manage a certain level or type of spider models in game but they are just too abundant in Shadowlands and they use the very model that triggers me the most (the ones with skinny legs). I've had three panic attacks since launch. It's not something I can control. I hyperventilate, uncontrollable crying, sometimes I even get hallucinations. It's very serious and its not fun. All these years i've sort of managed to get around it mostly cause i was a more casual player and never tried to push keys or raid. Since BFA i've gotten more serious and with the amount of spiders in Shadowlands it has really impacted my ability to play. I don't know what to do anymore. I know model swapping is illegal but would there be anyway to make one that would censor them? Like put a black box or something on top of the model? Or blur them? Anything to prevent me from seeing them would be absolutely helpful and really appreciated. I am so desperate. I don't wanna give up on my favorite game but I am so close to just quitting. I bought the expansion in March and I was so excited, it has been the only thing keeping me sane during quarantine and now it's doing more damage to my mental health than anything with these constant panic attacks. Please I am begging anyone that can offer any help. Please.
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Unfortunately, addons can't modify the game world.
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