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a Mod for displayng party healthbars over heads?

Im wondering if there is a mod that displays party health bars over party members' heads. Example: you know what you hit shift+V ( i think its shift) you get health bars over the enemy heads.
I play a druid and do a lot of healing. I would find a mod like this very benefitial especially if im preocupied with something and dont know one of my party members need assistance. Im not sure if there is a mod like this that exsists; if there is, could someoen point me in the right direction, or if there isnt, is it possible to make a mod like this?
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Never been created cause your part members will have personal player frames which will show you exactly what your looking for and more. And those are always in view, never cluttered up by NPCs and such.

Oh, and it's just 'v'. The shift gets ignored since it's not bound to anything.

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Can't be done. The UI doesn't know where party members are located on your screen. The enemy health bars are part of the game world, not part of the UI.
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