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Visual Range Check Meter

as stated in the title, this is an idea i had just recently but haven't really dug into the development processes yet.

since the anouncement of the death to AVR, i realised i only really cared about the visual personal range check. LIKE DBM's text based range check, the personal visual rangee check that AVR does is kinda nifty.

now, i have only been using AVR for about a week and half, maybe 2 weeks now so i really don't need it at all. it was just something i thought was kinda neet to have.


why not have a secondary mini-map additive to some of the UI's out there, for example the UI i'm using, Tukui UI. have a second (movable and transparency modifiable) mini-map box that works just like the normal mini-map, only it's a set zoomed focus, it doesn't show any actual map other than a grey background with circles representing 5, 10, 15 and 20 yard ranges and uses the normal player to player relative cords that the normal mini map does to do a radar like range check window.


this is so that you can interact with a range check meter based on a visual representation still WITHOUT having to look off the to the side of your screen to READ people's names and then further take the time to recognize and match player names to those around you visually and THEN react and move accordingly. a simple Radar based setup with dots representing players like the normal mini map but at a fixed zoom with the mentioned above circles representing given ranges.


as stated above, the difference is as follows:

**1** look to side of screen + **2** read name(s) + **3** associate name(s) to player model(s) + **4** associate player model(s) to relative location + **5** react to said range needed = **6** end result.


VISUAL RADAR RANGE CHECK METER (with movability and modifiable transparency):
**1** look to near dead ahead game play on screen + **2** see dots within or close to critical range zone + **3** react to said range needed = **4** end result


it's just like writing the coding for an addon. the more efficient it is, the less CPU useage you've got to worry about. in this case, the average human being takes roughly 0.3-0.5 seconds to react to any signal their brain recieves and sends. simply put, the less *calculation* our brain has to do for a simple range check, the faster we can react to the given situation. this would also follow Blizz's new rule when patch 3.3.5 hits of an addon not being allowed to use Trig, and is only using ingame map cords of your self and near by raid / party members on a staticly drawn frame that is just as basic as the normal mini map if not even more basic.

you COULD even just make it go ontop of the ingame mini map and have it set to the closest zoomed in setting for it... but even then it's still off to the side of the screen and not within the main game play area where it would be best suited when the time calls for it.
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HudMap is probably what you are interest in. http://www.wowace.com/addons/hudmap/
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