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Prospecting Lua Script Help

Trying to learn Lua, and starting really simple.

I have made a button that appears in the middle of my screen. I can make the button do many things, such as leave groups, dance, random rolls, summon creatures, etc etc.

When i try to cast a spell via this same button, i get the protected blah blah message. What i am trying to do is prospect some ore, when i push the button.

A simple macro of /cast Prospecting, /cast Obsidium Ore works just fine, but since i am trying to do this via an addon, i cant figure it out.

I know things like: CastSpellByName("Prospecting") no longer work (protected), but other addons are able to prospect ore, by clicking a button. Even reading through the code of those addons, i cant seem to piece it together

Beginner Code i am working with

local Button = CreateFrame("Button", "MyButton", UIParent, "UIPanelButtonTemplate")
Button:SetScript("OnClick", function()
end )

Any simple solutions?
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