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Question Customized CTRA raitem mod (or CTRA patch?)

Hello everyone,
I'm wondering if someone would be interested in creating a mod to work with CTRaidAssist, or a "quick" modification of it to change the reporting behavior of the raitem command.

The change/mod would enable a raid leader to see who has 0 of certain items, such as resistance pots/damage increase pots etc. Currently, CTRA's /raitem [item] only creates a list of people that have a certain item and reports the number, but with 40 players in a raid it's hard to determine how many players have the item and even more important, who doesn't.

This information I believe is most valuable to raid leaders (such as myself) for two main purposes:
a) so that a raid leader can determine, when even the slightest amount of players has completely run out of certain items (especially resistance pots, which are needed for more and more raid boss fights these days),
b) so that a raid leader/officer can quickly determine which players came unprepared with certain items required for the raid (such as nature resistance potions for Princess Huhuran in AQ40).

Of course, the simplest way of achieving this would be to simply change CTRA and make it report even when the player has 0 items. Problem with this option is that if someone doesn't want you to know he has 0 certain items, he simply won't install the customized version of CTRA, and you'll hardly notice if your player list contains 39 players and not 40.

From what I can see, CTRA opens up a standard window for reports, when you type the /raitem command and then, via events triggered by messages from players (on the CTRA channel) about their item quantity’s, the list gets populated. So basically, the event processing function is the one that populates the list. The populated window in fact has now knowledge about the total player list and what was filled and what wasn't.

So a simple modification could be made, so that the list is in fact a table of all players in the raid at the certain time - the predefined quantity for a certain item would always be 0, and as the event system processes the player count, the table could be updated and redrawn on the screen (just changing the numbers based on the player the message was from). That's one way of solving it as I see.

Of course, the other (cleaner) way would be to simply create a custom mod, that broadcasts the item count request message on the CTRA channel and does it's own counting as messages come (perhaps in the way I suggested, that is with a predefined number of 0 for all raid members, until that changes).

Anyway, something I'd find most useful and I'm sure a lot of other raid leaders would also.
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