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05-11-19, 03:24 AM   #1
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Binding a spell @cursor

I would like to do "alt click" and it to drop D&D where the cursor is, no questions asked. I can do "SetBindings("ALT-BUTTON1", "SPELL Death and Decay") but it's missing the "@cursor". The way around it I can see is to do "SetBindings("ALT-BUTTON1", "MACRO DeathAndDecay")" where the macro does "/cast [@cursor] Death and Decay".

Is there a better way of doing this so that I can skip the macro?


I have a number of key bindings to macros where my addon code sets up the key bindings in LUA, this ties a key press to a macro, and the macro calls back the addon via the /command system. A bit of round about way. Can I instead bind a key to execute some LUA code directly and to avoid having to set up macros which are stored and maintained externally to my addon ?

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05-14-19, 11:51 AM   #2
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I think you could try something along these lines

local button = CreateFrame(
  "Button", "NameThisButton", nil, "SecureActionButtonTemplate"
button:SetAttribute("type", "macro")
button:SetAttribute("macrotext", "/cast [@cursor] Death and Decay")
and then

SetBindingClick("ALT-BUTTON1", "NameThisButton")
As for your second question, you can listen to all key presses like this, but you can't run any protected code in the handler.

local MODS = {
  SHIFT = IsShiftKeyDown,
  ALT = IsAltKeyDown,
  CTRL = IsControlKeyDown,

  LSHIFT = IsLeftShiftKeyDown,
  LALT = IsLeftAltKeyDown,
  LCTRL = IsLeftControlKeyDown,

  RSHIFT = IsRightShiftKeyDown,
  RALT = IsRightAltKeyDown,
  RCTRL = IsRightControlKeyDown,

local frame = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, UIParent)

local function getMods(checks)
  local mods = ""

  for mod, isDown in pairs(checks) do
    if isDown() then
      mods = mods .. mod .. "-"

  return mods

frame:SetScript("OnKeyDown", function (_self, key)
  if MODS[key] or MODS_SEPARATE[key] then

  print(getMods(MODS_SEPARATE) .. key)
Note that you could also listen for MODIFIER_STATE_CHANGED and cache the states. However, alt-tabbing can mess this up as the event will only fire for one state but not the other.

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05-17-19, 12:10 PM   #3
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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OK thanks. The first example allows me to set up a macro from the addon, without using the WoW client. This is good, if it means I do not have to litter the WoW client with macros.

The second example, I believe, allows me to listen to keystrokes but I am not sure why I would want to listen to raw keystrokes - maybe this allows me to run ANY code at all without even using a macro attached to a button ?
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05-17-19, 04:26 PM   #4
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The second example is how to have an addon run its own code when a key is pressed. It won't let you do protected actions like use an ability. You have to still mess around with the keybind system and SecureActionButton templates.
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06-17-19, 04:08 AM   #5
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Thank you. I have not had time to analyse the second part yet, as I am still trying to find my way around the best way to do what I want to do.
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