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AddOn that changes ALL of the combat font?

I need an addon (preferably just one addOn, not two) that changes the font damage you do to your target, the heals you do to that target, the damage the target does to you and the heals that the target does to you. so a little simpler...
Addon that changes the font of...
Target Outgoing Damage
Target Outgoing Heal
Target Incoming Damage
Target Incoming Heal
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Glyph of Mortal Strike
Glyph of Execution
Glyph of Rending

Glyph of Charge
Glyph of Battle
Glyph of Bloodrage

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There might be more, but they all work in the same way just about. There are other addons (and even a manual method) to change the font everywhere in game, also.
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Dunno about all of those, but I know that Nice Damage Font, for example, doesn't affect the "My floating combat text" bits. I think that's what he's on about. Dunno a specific addon that changes this.
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The only one that did it for me was http://www.wowinterface.com/download...41-laFont.html and I tried almost all of them. They all change dmg font but seem to forget about healing. The author responded to this request for lafont and changed it for healing as well. And now I'm a happy camper
I should amend that since, another font mod named gfont came out with the same function.

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