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Richwarf/Noxshams guide to playing WoW

Hello and welcome to my guide on using a N52te within WoW and Nui.

This topic is still being worked on, so please bear with me.

This guide is made up of (( )) posts, with the following,

Post 1 (this one)
Welcome and index to the other parts of this guide

Post 2 – About me
About Richwarf
How I made my toons names
Other websites I a fan of

Post 3 – Setting up
Editing Nui into 3 rows of 4 (thanks Rossman)
Setting up your N52te
Links to where you can buy your N52TE
Pros and cons of using a gamepad vs keyboard

Post 4 – Key bindings
Key things to keep in mind for easy key bindings
Key bindings for Noxsham and why I have what where it is

Post 5 - Macros
Tips for making your own macros
Macros used by Noxsham

Post 6 – Addons *Update comming soon ~ end of october, This update will have each addon linked to wowi, curse and the addon makers website (if knowen)
What addons you CANT use with Nui
How I keep all my addons up to date
Addons I have used with Nui and why

Post 7 - Tips on Healing

Post 8 - Tips on DPS

Post 9 - Tips on Tanking
Help needed I am NOT a tank

Post 10 – Saved
Post 11 – Saved
Post 12 – Saved
Post 13 – Saved
Post 14 – Saved
Post 15 – Saved

Todo list
Do a update on the addon list (i added some and removed others) and Clean up the addon post (6)
Add more tips to all rolls of specs (7, 8 and 9)

Update (mm-dd-yyyy)
Pre 08-18-2009, Post saving, posting and editing
08-25-2009, Small edits like clickable links (mostly in this post). Try it :P
09-04-2009, 2 changes made...
1)Redid macros so it looks better, just click on the macro to see more info about that macro, powered by macroexplain.com
2)Small update for addons used. a better and more detailed update is comming soon. (links to wowI, curse and mods site)
10-20-2009, Added note that addons will be updated soon,
10-29-2009, This guide is planed to be redone big time, please pop over to This Topic
01-10-2010, Updated the file in post 3 as some changes was made to that file

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