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Event when a profession is abandonned

It would be great to send a CHAT_MSG_SKILL event when a profession is abandonned, currently only SKILL_LINES_CHANGED is sent, but since event is triggered a bit too often, it does not allow proper monitoring of professions.

Thus at this point, it's easier to detect when a new profession is gained than to detect when it's abandonned. If a chat message was sent with a parameter like this:

ERR_SKILL_ABANDONNED_S = "You have abandonned the %s skill."; -- %s is the skill name

I think it would be much easier


PS: If you guys know valid workarounds, I'm open to suggestions.

Edit: I hooked AbandonSkill to do the trick, but I still think an event would be better

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You could hook
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Yeah, that's what I did in the end, and it was rather easy after all. But I guess an event would be more natural

I had started with SKILL_LINES_CHANGED, but it was triggered so often that the solution I was about to come up with would have been dirty, so I rolled back and started to look for another solution. Here's what I did, if by any chance anyone is interested.

local Orig_AbandonSkill = AbandonSkill

function AbandonSkill(index, ...)
  local skillName = GetSkillLineInfo(index)
  Orig_AbandonSkill(index, ...)

  -- do whatever here with skillName
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Another way to see if a player will be removing a skill , as a pre-check and post check you can use the following. Since this is the popup they get before a skill is removed.

hooksecurefunc("StaticPopup_Show", function(event, skillName, skillLine)
  if (event == "UNLEARN_SKILL") then
    --do something here, but remember they haven't accepted yet, grab skillName and skillLine
But if you want to grab the OnAccept of the dialog above you can do the following.

hooksecurefunc(StaticPopupDialogs["UNLEARN_SKILL"], "OnAccept", function(self, data)
	--do something here

To be honest AbandonSkill is the best way to do it. But just wanted to post another possible way of checking for player intentions.
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