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Error with runes

I'm getting this error any time my screen reloads:

36x BasicUI\Modules\Powerbar.lua:316: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'start' (a nil value)
[string "@BasicUI\Modules\Powerbar.lua"]:316: in function <BasicUI\Modules\Powerbar.lua:314>
[string "@BasicUI\Modules\Powerbar.lua"]:495: in function <BasicUI\Modules\Powerbar.lua:480>

self = 1
start = nil
duration = nil
runeReady = nil
(*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
(*temporary) = 173940.047000
(*temporary) = 173940.047000
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'start' (a nil value)"
floor = <function> defined =[C]:-1
this is the code block that is coming from:
	local function CalcRuneCooldown(self)
		local start, duration, runeReady = GetRuneCooldown(self)
		local time = floor(GetTime() - start)
		local cooldown = ceil(duration - time)

		if (runeReady or UnitIsDeadOrGhost('player')) then
			return '#'
		elseif (not UnitIsDeadOrGhost('player') and cooldown) then
			return cooldown
The bold part of the code is line 316 where the error is coming from any suggestions?
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You're calling the function with self? Is it a number as it should be?
Edit: Ah, now I see its a number. Perhaps its called too early before runes are available?

If a function can return a value you cant use in a formula you should make sure to only use it when a value valid.
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